Orthodontics is a rapidly advancing discipline, always proposing the most innovative and least invasive dental treatment for people who need some help to show good teeth. If this is our case, it is best to go to a dental clinic, where they offer the most advanced services and where they have a team of highly qualified professionals to develop and apply them to each patient.

Some of these more innovative dental treatments are: whitening, invisalign or the most revolutionary forms of implant placement. Although there are many others that we also offer, today we want to focus on these three, as they are the most requested by our patients.

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Innovative dental treatment: whitening

Our eating habits tend to dirty the teeth, which gradually acquire a yellow color and even appear ugly stains.

Products like tobacco, coffee or some drugs can speed up this process. Therefore, we must be careful with this risk that produces such a disastrous and unpleasant result in our smile.

In our dental clinic we have a very powerful tooth whitening service that consists of activating the chemical whitening effect in cold light. A treatment with which we were able to correct the color of the teeth, making them recover their natural white. It is performed on discolored teeth and is very effective, as it can decrease the tone of a tooth by up to three points after an hour-long session.

Innovative dental treatment: invisalign

A fashionable dental treatment is invisalign. An invisible orthodontic that offers discretion to those who use it, correcting their dental malformations.

Its main advantage is that these dental covers are removed in order to eat, which is a relevant aspect, especially when they need to be cleaned, since they do not degrade as much as other covers.

It is as effective as traditional metal supports, but it looks much more attractive.

Innovative dental treatment: implants

Another area of ​​constant innovation in the oral health area is implants. That is, the replacement of teeth that no longer perform their function properly and that require an artificial substitute that allows the person to eat and speak without problems.

In this sense, in the aviva de iceong clinic we have several treatments in this regard. All aimed at replacing teeth by surgically placing a dental implant in the jaw bone.

In this sense, it is important to study each case and choose the materials and parts in the best possible way.